Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pizza Delivery Nightmare!

I hate houses that don't have an obvious main entrance.

I use to deliver pizza's and I hated walking through the grass (because there was no side walk or stepping stones) to the door that appeared to be the correct door just to have someone yell at me from around the side of the house because, "They don't use that door."
Then why have that door?

I find myself looking at peoples houses and guessing which door would be the one I'd deliver a pizza to. Quite often there are two doors that look equally as usable, and that is just annoying.


Lyd said...

My aunt's house had one of those, but I'm pretty sure they would never yell, "We don't use that door" outside, they would just go answer the door.

mom said...

I agree, I am sure I always make a food of myself...for instance, I know this family that had 2 doors, and I used to visit them fairly often and always went to the same door. Well it had been awhile since I had visited, and when I walked up to the door I always wasn't there. They had taken it out completely and left the door they wanted used...which WASN'T the door I always used! Who knew?!

Kevin said...

I completely agree with you.

Jessie said...

I like to look for confusing front doors whenever I am driving around town or another town. It is kind of fun!

Katy Nelson said...

what brought this thought on?